Saddle Wise: Rainy Day Rescue

Rainy Day RescueWelcome to Plattsburgh, Missouri, where everyone either owns, rides, or stables a horse—everyone that is except for April Helmbach. April is different from other thirteen-year-old girls in her town. Her parents, professional horse breeders and boarders, were killed 10 years earlier in a freak accident. Since that day, she has been terrified of the powerful animals.

All that changes one fateful afternoon, when a horrible accident occurs on a wet and rainy highway. Determined to help the injured parties, April discovers that a horse trailer carrying more than 30 horses, has overturned. In the face of disaster, April is forced to confront her greatest fear, and in the process discovers a new friend she names Rainy Day. Will April and Rainy Day work through the emotional scars of their past and begin to trust one another

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